About Us

Morningside Farm

We have been involved in the WNC local food movement for a decade. Morningside began as an organic CSA farm in Brevard, NC. Our passion for high quality and nutrient-dense food continues with our line of cultured vegetables, kvass, and kombucha. We proudly source our ingredients from local farmers and grow our own ingredients when possible.

The Benefits of our Fermented Vegetables and Beverages

Fermented foods help heal the gut which is central to overall health. Eating a 4-6 oz serving of sauerkraut is equivalent to taking 200 over-the-counter probiotic pills.

  • Fermentation creates enzymes, vitamin b, and vitamin k
  • Fermentation makes all nutrients more bio available
  • Fermented foods aid digestion
  • support the immune system
  • aid in detoxification
  • prevent obesity
  • prevent diabetes
  • lower the risk for cancer
  • improve mood
  • improve mental health

What Makes us Unique

We are committed to nourishing our home community of Western North Carolina.  In addition to using the highest quality ingredients, we ferment our products using traditional methods in small batch ceramic crocks and glass vessels. This results in superior living food that is free of plastic residues.