Do I need to refrigerate your ferments?

Yes! All of our products are alive and need to be refrigerated. This preserves the flavor and texture. If the product comes up to room temp, it's still safe to eat. You simply need to crack the lid to release the carbon dioxide and refrigerate when possible.

How long are the ferments good for?

In general, they are good for 1 year. Tamping kraut and kimchi down after each use helps preserve flavor and texture.

How much should I eat or drink?

Start with 2-4 oz of kraut, kimchi, or kvass a day. You can start with 1 bottle of kombucha a day. Listen to your body and work your way up from there.  It's more important to consume probiotics daily than large amounts infrequently.    

Can I cook with your products?

Yes, but you will be destroying the probiotics.

Do your ferments contain vinegar?

No, the fermentation process creates an acidic environment that preserves the ferment and favors probiotics without using vinegar.

How do I use sauerkraut and kimchi in a meal?

The possibilities are endless! Here's a good place to start: